Juli’s Story

Daniel Finley is a miracle worker. I came to see him in October 2013 when I was struggling with infertility: My doctor had just told me that my blood work was completely out of whack, and I couldn’t have the second baby I wanted naturally.

Then she continued with more crushing news: I was a poor candidate for fertility treatments and was most likely headed for early menopause in my thirties. To say I was distraught is an understatement.

But luck led me to Daniel’s door. And after six months of weekly acupuncture treatments with him along with a Chinese herb regimen and a few diet and lifestyle changes, I became pregnant naturally.

I’m now almost five months along, and everything is going well. My doctor is now shocked this is actually happening for me. She thinks I’m a medical marvel and has been sharing my story with colleagues. And I couldn’t be happier. Each morning, I wake up feeling like I should pinch myself. I can’t believe the great gift I’ve been given; I’ve beaten the odds, and it all feels so unreal and still too good to be true.

Daniel is an amazing acupuncturist, healer, and holistic health expert, but what truly makes him exceptional, what truly sets him apart is he’s great at meeting you where you are, listening to your health goals and where you want to go, and then calmly finding the right way to get you there, the right way to pull you up to a higher place: a place where you can find and become the best version of yourself.

He’s so suited to and talented at what he does. And I’m so much better simply by knowing and learning from him. He’s taught me many natural health tools and life skills I’ll continue to carry throughout my entire life.

He probably doesn’t realize how much, but he’s made a huge impact on me and my family. He’s a true treasure, and all I can do is thank him always.