Grayson’s Story

My son, Graysen, was born at 27 weeks weighing 1.4 pounds.  His spine and lungs were underdeveloped.  He was intubated and incubated in the NICU for 4 months and would not take a bottle.  At 5 months in the NICU, it was discussed to put a g-tube in him in order to go home soon.  That was his first surgery and then things just went down hill from there.  He caught Nec, an intestine infection, and had to have multiple stomach surgeries.  Even after going home, he kept throwing up and had to have a fundoplication which slipped, so a couple of months later, he had a re-do.  Shortly after that, his dr noticed a sacral dimple on his bottom and wanted to do a MRI of the spine.  There they found that he had a tethered spinal cord.  So, off to another surgery he went.  Recovery was harsh and he caught meningitis.  This was all in his first year of life.  After that, he had several more surgeries; tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, frenulum release…all to get him eating better, but it took him 6 years to finally eat and swallow normally.  Things started to look up for us for a couple of years until his back started having issues again at the age of 10.  After a year of slouching and not being able to extend his hamstrings, his neurologist ordered another MRI to see what was going on and, come to find out, his tethered cord had come back.  So, off to surgery again…for the 15th time.  This surgery was the worst one yet.  The neurologist hit a nerve and he came out of surgery not able to walk or use the bathroom.  After 2 weeks in inpatient physical therapy, they got him walking to a safe manner and sent us home.  The walking was getting better, but his bladder and bowel was not.  He got sent home on a cath plan.  This is not something a 12-year-old boy wants to do.  It was very depressing for the whole family and I was at my wits end.  I did not know what to do to get him better.  Until one day, a friend of mine told me about acupuncture and Dr. Finley.  So, I hesitantly reached out to him because I knew I was dipping into something unfamiliar to us.  Dr. Finley was awesome from the start.  He took the time to talk to me, ask and answer questions, took notes and let me talk until I was almost out of breath from the long history I had to explain about my son.  And he listened to every word.  After that, we went in for a consultation.  Graysen was having accidents from one end and not able to go from another.  It was my worst nightmare.

Dr. Finley went over his therapy plan and said he most likely needed at least 3 months, but up to 6 months of intense acupuncture and herbal tea treatment to get him better.  I agreed and we started shortly after that.  Graysen saw him 3 times a week and drank the herbal tea every day.  After a month, we started seeing some progress.  Graysen started the acupuncture when he was getting cathed 4 times a day.  After one month of acupuncture, he was down to 2 caths a day.  After another month, he was down to cathing once every other day.  At the 3-month mark Graysen, was relieved from his urologist because his uurodynamics test came back that he wasn’t showing any more signs of bladder retention.  Graysen’s bowels also started coming back to a norm after acupuncture, diet change and change of medications to a more natural remedy.   I was in shock.  I really thought there was no hope for him, but thanks to Dr. Finley and the acupuncture treatment, he got his system working again.  If you had told me years ago to try acupuncture for ailments, I would’ve laughed.  Now, I tell everybody about what this therapy has done for my son.  I wish I had known about this from the get go because I’m pretty sure we could have bypassed some surgeries and fixed him in non-invasive ways.  I highly recommend Dr. Finley.  Not only is he a genuine person, but also he saved my son and my family in so many ways and I’m forever grateful.