Brent’s Story

For the better part of 10 years I suffered from a disorder known now as Misophonia. Western Medicine didn’t even a have a term for it when I first started to show symptoms. Doctors tried to treat it with a variety of anxiety drugs. After years of being on these drugs and gaining 45+ pounds I decided it was time for a better solution.

I met with Daniel and he explained to me that there was an issue with my sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system. He gave me a Chinese Tea to drink 3 times a day and said that it wasn’t a magic potion. Bringing the system back in balance would take time. In about 3 weeks I started noticing a lot of improvement. At the 6 week mark I was symptom free. Today I drink the tea on an as needed basis.

Since I started seeing Daniel I haven’t seen my PCP for anything. It used to be that I saw my PCP 3 times a year because of sinus infections. Daniel encouraged me to come give acupuncture a try. So with much nervousness I took him up on his request. I’m not a fan on needles but the ones used for acupuncture are so tiny you don’t feel them. Daniel stuck 7 needles in me for the sinus infection and within 48 hrs I was back to my normal self. Amazing.

God has given Daniel a true gift and a passion to help aid the body in its ability to heal itself.