The foundation of our energy and vitality comes from what we eat, and our ability to heal is nourished by the rich nutrients in healthy foods.  Because of that, digestion and nutrition play a huge part in recovery.  In order to get the most out of our food we must understand how our unique individual body reacts to what we eat.

The first lens we look through is Traditional Chinese Medicine Body types.  Did you know that chemically no two people who have ever lived are the same?    The average baby that is born has around 29 billion cells and will grow into the trillions as an adult.  As we grow up, we acquire about 10 times that amount in beneficial bacteria.  The healthy bacteria on our skin helps us fight off
invaders while the ones in our intestines help us break down fiber.  Throughout our life we are acquiring and feeding these healthy bacteria.  Our genetics are also completely unique and since no two people could have the same genetics or life experiences acquiring bacteria every one who has ever lived is chemically unique and will respond to food differently.  In spite of this our bodies do have general ways or reacting that have been observed and recorded over thousands off years.  These have been classified into body types and the goal is to match the nature of food with the correct body type.

The second lens is through modern lab tests.  Micro-nutrient blood work shows the deficiency of the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that our bodies might have.  This is an objective way to see exactly what is going on inside.  All this information is included into the the treatment plan and then follow up testing is done to make sure all the nutrients are moving in the right direction.  This combination of tradition and technology makes nutrition a powerful treatment tool on the way to recovery.