Why Botanical Heal Part 1

I have been fascinated with botanical medicine as long as I can remember.  I loved reading stories of Native Americans using tree roots to help with pain as well as watching Kung Fu movies that showed herbal treatments.  Many times the hero would use botanical medicine in the form of a topical liniment to help heal himself from a traumatic injury.  This fascination is one factors that inspired me to pursue a career in Chinese Medicine.  The idea that our planet contained plant based medicine was fascinating and quite exciting to learn about.  As I moved through school and saw the scope of conditions that botanicals could treat I began to ask the question of why botanicals can heal?  What was it about the plants we use as medicine that made them so powerful?  As I began to work through the answers to these questions I arrived at some interesting discoveries. 

The first reason I came to was, each one of them have a unique nature.  When we take botanicals into our body’s ecosystem they can change the environment inside of us because they bring in their own nature.  To give an example of this; turmeric has a bright vibrant nature and this can enliven our circulation.  What this means practically is, turmeric causes blood vessels to dilate and open, allowing life giving blood into tissues that are starved for it.  It is also a strong anti-inflammatory, which helps our body to rid itself of waste products and cellular damage.  Over time poor circulation and a build of waste products can make our tissues stagnant like a poor moving stream.  The bright open nature of turmeric counters this problem.  These effects are so profound that the plant is being studied all over the world for its positive effect on heart disease, cancer prevention and a variety of other conditions caused by inflammation.  This is just one plant with amazing benefits, but it gets even better.  If our body is weak there are foods to strengthen it, if it is tired there are foods to energize it and if it is blocked there are foods to restore its freedom.  Health and abundance flow out of eating the foods that harmonizes the song our cells, tissues and organs.   

Dr. Daniel Finley Phd. Lac.   



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