The Healing Power of Sleep

One of the pathways our tissues and organs use to clear away dead cells and the waste product of metabolism is through the lymphatic system.  Lymph vessels can be seen in very close proximity to blood vessels and they use a passive transport system to take lymph into the lymph nodes.  There it is filtered and then returned to the vascular system.  For a long time it was unclear how the brain was able to perform these functions, since it was thought it didn’t have lymph vessels, but just recently, scientist have discovered the lymphatic system in the brain.  This is a powerful discovery because it gives us some insight into the way a brain can heal after a stroke or a trauma.  In the brain this system is most active at night in deep sleep.  As we rest, the lymphatic tissue in the brain is hard at work clearing away the damage and fighting infection.  This means the quality of sleep is very important to healing a brain that has been damaged.  One of the first pieces of information I want on a new patient is how well they are sleeping because it gives me an idea of how well their brain is being cleaned out at night.  If they don’t sleep well, Chinese Medicine has some excellent tools in the form of botanicals that can help.  If that is you or you can’t sleep because your body is uncomfortable here are a two great formulas that can help.  Dao Labs Sleep Formulas

Dr. Daniel Finley Phd. Lac.

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